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Jana Benitez answers and shares the call of the wild

With a wide range of styles following her childhood entry into the art world,…

Ardent readings

"Ardent readings lead us to the emergence of something exemplary or to finding felicity in forms or articulations…

Cut Up This Body: Artists Ma, Man, and Ho for Gallery Exit

For those who have become film buffs over the extended lockdown, does Gallery Exit have the group exhibition…

No, You Move: 'Big Wind Blows' at Rossi & Rossi

Seven of Hong Kong's up-and-coming artists exhibit artworks against the grain of demand

Chow Chun Fai Offers Glimpses of a City in Crisis

Fai depicts Hong Kong's mass protests on the ground

Art Basel Premieres First-Ever Online Viewing Rooms

The new virtual platform provides collectors and enthusiasts worldwide access to over 2000 artworks by the…

Looking at The Times Through The Eyes of Charlie Co

Bending whimsy into the foreboding, Charlie Co’s works cast viewers adrift in his visual dreamscapes.

Identity, Memory, and History Through the Lens of Three Contemporary Artists

In a group exhibition at Pace Gallery Hong Kong, Zhang Xiaogang, Mao Yan, and Qiu Xiaofei explore the notions…

Existentialism in Simulation and Reality by Mak Ying Tung 2

The exhibition 'Home Sweet Home' asks this question as we immerse ourselves in the made-up reality of…

5 Art Fairs You Should Never Miss This 2020

Check out these art fairs that are worth visiting this 2020 from the Philippines and Singapore to Hong…

Liu Qinghe Captures the Existentialism of Contemporary Society

In 'Treading Waves', Liu Qinghe captures the contemporary society in urban cities in an attempt to…

Al Held Taps Beyond the Five Senses in Abstraction

In 'Modern Maverick', Al Held's works access a "reality in which our five senses are of little use". 

7 Ceramic Artists That Will Change the Way You See the Medium

As proof, we present 7 Asian ceramic artists that will change the way you perceive ceramic arts.

Genius or Vandal: Banksy Exhibition Coming to Hong Kong

Banksy: Genius or Vandal? will be on view at the FTLife Tower on Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong this December.

Illusory Works of Ni Youyu in Space and Time

There are many questions that riddles the works of Chinese artist Ni Youyu in the exhibition The Last Sunset.

Cut & Curated: The Case for Absolute Abstraction

Be it through the depth of its significance to the complexity of its creation,…