Art Basel Premieres First-Ever Online Viewing Rooms

Art Basel goes digital through its new outreach initiative, Online Viewing Rooms, set for public debut on 6pm HKT, March 20, 2020. The virtual platform provides collectors and enthusiasts worldwide access to over 2000 artworks by the 235 galleries in Art Basel’s premium roster.

Initially meant to run alongside the international art fair’s shows scheduled for the year, the initiative is now the participating galleries’ main support in light of the corona pandemic, as well as the proceeding cancellation of art fair’s first show in Hong Kong. Over 90% of the galleries have decided to take part in the online exhibition. As many of the artworks will be online-exclusive, displayed with the art are their prices; collectors are encouraged to contact the galleries directly for purchase.

But, in many ways, Art Basel’s turn to digital changes the game—or, at least, will finally put the long-standing prospect of online exhibition to the test. Images, videos, photographic panoramas, and installation works will be widely available in their intended dimensions, as viewers navigate room to room and immerse themselves in the individual curatorial concepts the exhibitors provide.

Cartellino Qin Qi
Qin Qi. A Flower. Oil on canvas. 120 x 120 cm. 2019. Image courtesy Tang Contemporary Art.
Cartellino Lam Tung Pang
Lam Tung Pang.Wandering in potted landscape. Charcoal, ink, and acrylic on plywood.100 x 150 x 3.7 cm. 2019. Image courtesy of Blindspot Gallery.

A timely contribution to the show are artworks from Blindspot gallery, following the theme, “Finisterre,” the end of the known world. with works by Lam Tung Pang, Pixie Lao, Hao Jingban, and more. With respect to the intercultural aspect of this ambitious project is Echo Among Geographies presented by Tang Contemporary Art, which will feature works of contemporary Asian pioneers such as Rodel Tapaya and Qin Qi. Silverlens' Future Perfect, on the other hand, offers an equally timely view of analogue art forms, focusing on the materials and makers such as Malay artist, I-Lann Yee. Joining Tapaya on display for Artinformal’s Presence are Avin Zafra, Costantino Zicarelli, Ian Fabro, Jc Jacinto, Zean Cabangis, Maya Muñoz, and Oca Villamiel, which focuses on the primacy of color for perception. 

Cartellino I-Lann Lee
I-Lann Yee. TIKAR/MEJA 19. 2018-2019. Image courtesy of Silverlens.

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Online Viewing Rooms will be available to the public from March 20, 6pm to March 25, 6pm HKT and Philippines Time.

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