Rainy Days and Sun Days: Luke Ching Chin Wai's 'Liquefied Sunshine'

Luke Ching Chin Wai has a way of viewing things and in Liquefied Sunshine, the artist shares a vision of the meteorological and political forces that commands Hong Kong and Taiwan. In the show, we find works that depict the countries in both natural and artificial situations. Be it through altered postcards or artificial rains by firetrucks, the artist shows the landscapes in constant rain as well as in sunshine. The sunlit landscape is changed ultimately and shares a vision of what reality is like for these countries: long days of deceptive sunny days desolated by rain.

Luke Ching Chin Wai's Liquefied Sunshine will be on view back-to-back with South Ho Siu Nam's Force Majeure at the Blindspot Gallery in Hong Kong until November 2, 2019.
Photos courtesy of Blindspot Gallery.