7 Ceramic Artists That Will Change the Way You See the Medium

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ceramic art? I think I have an idea: antique vases that are older than you, ancient little tea sets that your mother values more than anything in the world, or cute little plates that you're never allowed to eat on. The thing about ceramic art is that it's been boxed with these ideas that not a lot of people know how contemporary art has innovated the medium. As proof, we present 7 Asian ceramic artists that will change the way you perceive ceramic arts.

Cartellino Contemporary Ceramic Art Nagae Shigekazu
Forms in Succession #21, Shigekazu Nagae, Porcelain with white glaze and spotted patterning, 7 x 8 3/4 x 11 inches, 2010
Photo courtesy of Joan B Mirviss LTD

Shigekazu Nagae

As one of the pioneers of porcelain casting and firing techniques in Japan, Shigekazu Nagae has successfully transcended from traditional to the avant-garde. His techniques have been known for creating sleek and razor-thin silhouettes that have become his trademarks. 

Cartellino Contemporary Ceramic Art Lei Xue
Drinking Tea, Lei Xue, Handpainted porcelain, 4.5 x 1.4 x 1.4 inches | Photo courtesy of Art Basel

Lei Xue

Lei Xue was born in China but has moved to Germany in 1999 where he has lived since. This transition has allowed the artist to explore the dialogue in between east and west with creations that are inspired by Ming and Yuan Dynasty concepts and designs but in shapes of crushed cans.een east and west with creations that are inspired by Ming and Yuan Dynasty concepts and designs but in shapes of crushed cans.

Cartellino Contemporary Ceramic Art Hae Won Sohn
Consolidation, Hae Won Sohn, Porcelain, ceramic glaze, 84 x 30 x 16 inches, 2018 | Photo courtesy of the artist

Hae Won Sohn

"My artistic practice evolves through the process of casting and mold-making; physically, conceptually and methodically," Hae Won Sohn shares. The South Korean born artist creates a raw appeal of fluid motions and rough edges but complete other than void and empty as other creations. Her works are a product of a journey to understand depths and articulate the relation between natural and artificial forms.

Cartellino Contemporary Ceramic Art Lim + Lu
The Split Vase by Lim + Lu | Photo courtesy of The Artling

Lim + Lu

Initiated in New York City, Lim and Lu is an award-winning inter-disciplinary architectural design practice based in Hong Kong. Co-founded by Vincent Lim and Elaine Lu, Lim + Lu creates a fresh and innovative take on a traditional design such as the Split Vase, Low Res Vase, and the Flip Candle Holder.

Cartellino Contemporary Ceramic Art Margaret Yap
Photo courtesy of the artist

Margaret Yap

Margaret Yap's works appeal to everyone, and by that, we meant every single person who comes across her works. They're filled with playful patterns or simple adorable designs and colors that are warm and delicate with designs unique to each piece.

Cartellino Contemporary Ceramic Art Johnson Tsang
Falling in Love, Johnson Tsang | Photo courtesy of the artist

Johnson Tsang

You might know him for his surreal sculptures. Johnson Tsang has been known for his incredible precision and details that create a mind-bending illusion with each angle. Tsang creates pieces that are both blissful and agonizing allowing for each to touch the soul of his audience.

Anchor photo by Hae Won Sohn | Photo courtesy of the artist