Alisan Fine Arts Presents “Uniquely Hong Kong”

  • by The Cartellino Team

Modernity in Hong Kong Art came in the 1950s. Following a mass influx of immigrants to the city, early fusions emerged from the traditional Chinese artists’ encounter with the Western styles of the then British colony. The New Ink Movement, initiated by the likes of Lui Shou-Kwan, Irene Chou, and Fang Zhaoling, explored the transformative possibilities of merging Western compositions with Chinese media.

Cartellino Zhao Ling
Fang Zhaoling and Mai Jinyao. Three Gorges. 96 x 55 cm. Chinese ink & color on rice paper. 1997.
Cartellino Irene Chou
Irene Chou. The Universe is My Heart, My Heart is the Universe II. 97 x 180cm. Chinese ink & colour on rice paper with mixed media. 2001.

Decades on, Hong Kong from the 70s to the 90s prospered into a gateway between the East and West. It was a time of opportunity for artists, who were able to study overseas to learn Western art firsthand, such as Hon Chi-Fun and Wucius Wong. Those who stayed or chose to return after the 1997 handover became teachers. Some, such as Kum Chi-Keung, Mok Yat-San, and Man Fung-Yi strove to again modernize Hong Kong art, exploring the possibilities of bamboo and stainless steel while others more took inspiration from the developing land.

Cartellino Ko Kassia
Ko Kassia. Momentary Series No. 23-24. 36 x 47cm/14 1/4 x 18 1/2’’ x 2. Chinese ink on rice paper. 2015.

A new generation of artists came to pass, one that did not have to bear the constraints of colonial rule. Cherie Cheuk’s contemporary use of Gongbi-painting and Zhang Xiaoli’s traditional-style paintings with legos showcase the cosmopolitan outlook the city has proudly come to reflect.

Alisan Fine Arts, around since the 1980s, presents artworks from exhibitors that span near three quarters of the century in Uniquely Hong Kong. All local, many of the paintings and sculptures displayed have been created in the last six months during the city’s tumultuous time. With a whopping 28 artist roster, the exhibition will highlight the diversity Hong Kong has flourished in its rich history. Throughout its three-month-long exhibition, the gallery will also present a series of talks between artists and scholars regarding Hong Kong artists and the evolving scene.

Cartellino Ling Pui-Sze
Ling Pui-Sze. Reproducibility 7. 60 x 120cm. Mixed media on canvas. 2015.

Stay tuned with Alisan Fine Arts and check out the online and onsite exhibition here.

Artists: Lui Shou-Kwan, Irene Chou, Fang Zhaoling, Wucius Wong, Kan Tai-Keung, Fung Ming-Chip, Kum Chi-Keung, Man Fung-Yi, Rosanna Li, Danny Lee, Mok Yat-San, Fiona Wong, Cherie Cheuk, Zhang Xiaoli, Ling Pui-Sze, and Hui Hoi-Kiu.

Anchor photo: Onsite exhibition view of Uniquely Hong Kong.


All images courtesy Alisan Fine Arts and the artists.