The Everyday Allure of 'The Thing Is'

The group exhibition achieves that marvelous effect when nuanced works you presume aren't "art" at first, become…

CLOSING: Gary-Ross Pastrana’s ‘some recent (& disrupted) projects’

Blink and you'll miss it: this show's on its last two days.

Three’s Company at Galerie Stephanie

Galerie Stephanie comes packing with Fifteen-Day Favorites, Dimensions of Fragility, and Field…

Cut Up This Body: Artists Ma, Man, and Ho for Gallery Exit

For those who have become film buffs over the extended lockdown, does Gallery Exit have the group exhibition…

CANVAS Launches a Soaring Pilot with ‘Seeking Balance’

Their milestone exhibition for their fifteenth year, the nonprofit seems more determined than ever before with…

Space Encounters Gallery Encounters White Elephant

Get your regular dose of pop and color with Space Encounters' latest shows

All Paper, All Different at Galerie Stephanie

The gallery's Position Paper (Year Three) exhibits the dizzying possibilities the medium…

Jeffrey Jay Jarin’s ‘Fake Happy,’ Forever

Jeffrey Jay Jarin’s ‘Fake Happy,’ Forever

STPI Considers Post-Disjunct Living

Under the curatorial direction of Tan Siuli, Turning the Axis of the World looks engages with the…

Be a Crash-Test Dummy for ‘Disruption of Frequencies’

We find it ironic how it's the virtual show critical of itself that has the best interface so far.

For VoV’s Latest, Now’s the Time to Hover or Run

The keen artworks of Pin Calacal and Ranelle Dial do more than capture the zeitgeist, they suggest ways out…

Morocco-Made Hassan Hajjaj Debuts in Asia at Barakat Contemporary

The artist's body of works illustrates the unique coexistence of European and North African cultures.

No, You Move: 'Big Wind Blows' at Rossi & Rossi

Seven of Hong Kong's up-and-coming artists exhibit artworks against the grain of demand

Space Encounters Gallery Drops Its August Show Online

Artists churn out their ruminations for group show,  I Think We're Alone Now: Portraits of…

Six Philippine Contemporary Artists Make for a Stunning Bangkok Debut

On display at La Lanta Fine Art is their group show, "Displacement"

Artinformal Celebrates Its 16th in Multilayered Reflection

Exhibited are works of seven multigenerational artists called to answer the question, "What does the number…

Upcoming: Eustaquio’s and Manley’s Art to Bulwark against Forgetting

We want to say the shows will tackle history, but that's a matter of perspective.

Pat Frades Sees with Mushrooms

Sometimes, it takes something bizarre to see things differently. Like shrooms.

How Abidi’s ‘The Distance from Here’ Strips the Glamour of Travel

The second of the director's four films, on view at Experimenter Gallery