A cut and curated source of Asian Contemporary art

Our Brand

Cartellino reimagines the art experience. Both online art digest and shop, Cartellino fosters engagements between artists, collectors, and enthusiasts alike, constructing ways to appreciate Asian contemporary art further.

Our History

Cartellino, Italian for “little paper,” refers to the inscription attached behind paintings during the Early Renaissance. The cartellino would contain the artist’s signature and notes, including a personal motto or religious expression from the portrait subject.
We are something similar: that tiny snippet of context, that nudge. We want to be an accessible avenue for people to learn, engage, and explore art and its contours.

Our Stand


Cartellino aims to cultivate art appreciation further: attracting collectors, empowering artists, and inspiring enthusiasts to flourish and expand our shared milieu.


As a reliable platform for art trade and art information, we work toward a future where relevant discourses reach inquisitive minds.