Mara Fabella

A Red That Runs Deep: Doktor Karayom’s Namatanda

At Artinformal Gallery, Doktor Karayom clads the walls red with tales of old, the stories that bleed.

Discerning Treasure and Wealth in Jandy Carvajal’s Repoussé Artworks

His third exhibit of repoussé works, Ang Ating Mga Kayamanan Sa Bakuran is Jandy Carvajal's…

The Gathering Infestation in ND Harn’s Collecting Faults

ND Harn's latest offering at Finale Art File unpack the stashes of thoughts and memories we stow away in the…

Renz Baluyot’s Anthem: A Song for the Adrift

Writer Mara Fabella ruminates on the lengths we go to give form to the ineffable and elusive, and finds grounding…

Pio Abad: Exorcising the Ghosts of the Marcos Regime

After ten years of research into the conjugal dictatorship of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos, Pio Abad's Fear…

On the Threads of Space and Time in “Passing”

In her solo show “Passing,” Celine Lee wrestles with the inevitable pull of the unknowable.

Defining Home in the Works of Contreras, Bacay, and Tee

In this month’s exhibitions at MO_Space Gallery, Marionne Contreras,…

Expanding the Tapestry: Modern Myth-Making with Philippine Spirits

Jean Karl Gaverza engages with local myth and folklore -- and invites readers to do the same.

Taking a Moment to Reflect in 'Breathing Space'

When in quarantine, any breathing room wall tends to close in.