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The Transcendence of Memory: Luis Antonio Santos at MO_Space

Navigating our processes of forgetting and remembering, Luis Antonio Santos uses the land, our environments,…

The Gathering Infestation in ND Harn’s Collecting Faults

ND Harn's latest offering at Finale Art File unpack the stashes of thoughts and memories we stow away in the…

Mass Media and Martial Law in Alfredo Esquillo's Bread and Circuses

As the country prepares for the inauguration of a new president, Esquillo’s works beckon viewers to look…

Remembering and Retrieving in Ateneo Art Gallery's Ligalig

"...With only less than a month before the registered population is given a chance to choose the nation’s…

On the Threads of Space and Time in “Passing”

In her solo show “Passing,” Celine Lee wrestles with the inevitable pull of the unknowable.

Regina Reyes and the Art of What We Leave Behind

In the artist's second solo show, Sunday becomes a vibe. The author catches up with the artist on the ideas…

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Careening on the Conceptual Tailwind of Hae Ryun

The story of how an artist found the amalgam for her life through a dream.

Within Curfew Hours with Wipo

For 'Sulok ng Araw', the artist's third solo exhibition, Wipo tracks time through an all-too-familiar…

Miguel Lorenzo Uy Blueprints a Techno-Utopia

We’re millennials; we know how personalized ads work.…

Know That Platform: AITP Exhibitor Spotlight

Art in the Park's now on full swing. Here's a primer. 

Stories Worth (Re)Telling: Philippine Artists at 2020 Berlin Biennale

Does it take an international biennale to learn about our local artists? No, but it's a good writing prompt.

Space Encounters Gallery Encounters White Elephant

Get your regular dose of pop and color with Space Encounters' latest shows

STPI Considers Post-Disjunct Living

Under the curatorial direction of Tan Siuli, Turning the Axis of the World looks engages with the…

RUE, Arce, and His Stabilizing Resolve to Work by Feel

This mysterious Instagram artist seemed to blow up overnight.

Six Philippine Contemporary Artists Make for a Stunning Bangkok Debut

On display at La Lanta Fine Art is their group show, "Displacement"