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An art of memory in crisis

"In these works, looking is no ambiguous act. To look — clearly and intentionally…

A Conversation: Brushing histories, carving space

In reflections on their personal artistic process, the artists invite readers and viewers of art to engage…

of forgetting, of remembering

"Writing has to side with collective truths and it should compel one to interrogate…

Art Writing and ‘Stilled Lives’

On days we remain trapped, we take notice of what…

Luck at First Strike: Three Winning Filipina Printmakers at International Print Exhibition

“Striking” is a printmaking term, meaning to lay paper on an inked plate to make a mark. It is…

NFT Art: A Double-Edged Sword

When the quality of art is equivalent to its mintability, what exactly is being sustained?

First Edition Beneficiary Spotlight: Make-A-Wish Philippines

Through First Edition 2021, Cartellino is a proud wish partner of Make-A-Wish Philippines. A part of all…

First Edition Beneficiary Spotlight: Museo Pambata

Museo Pambata is one of the two beneficiaries for this year's First Edition.

Present Catechisms

Why with art amid crisis are we no longer surprised?

On 'Same Shapes, Different Each Time'

Miguel Puyat's first solo show invites viewers into the creative act, as first imagined, and as it ought to…

Drifting in Pepe Delfin's Transient City

In the artist's latest paintings, the viewer's eye tends to move about them as their inhabitants do. 

Who the Heck Is Maerschelle R. Douchechamp?

“Originality is dead, Douchechamp killed him!” - Freedrick Kneetsheh

Tyang Karyel Appreciates Everything Made by Hand

Tyang Karyel for both Cartellino’s Picks and CAVITY COLLECTIVE answers our First Edition artist questionnaire.

RUE, Arce, and His Stabilizing Resolve to Work by Feel

This mysterious Instagram artist seemed to blow up overnight.

How We Talk About Talking About Contemporary Art

As if the idea of the white cube wasn’t enough, there isn’t anything like dense verbiage to discourage…

Art Collecting 101: Consider Photobooks

There’s an intention to the production—part and parcel with it as an art object—that confers…