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Plugging in with Keiken

A dive into Keiken's cross-dimensional collaborative practice, concepts, and their world-building vision.

Jed Gregorio Joins the Deathless

A séance-turned-declaration, Jed Gregorio’s FRAT has…

Art: Looking Forward with Trickie Lopa

A talk with AFP co-founder Trickie Lopa on her next steps and the arts scene moving forward.

The Yokosuka Pictures of Miyako Ishiuchi

Miyako, like many others, grew up in Yokosuka’s distinct atmosphere of residue and unnerve.

Why Net Art Is Here to Stay

In line with movements like installation art and street art, the foremost principle was to close the gap with…

SuperFlat: How Takashi Murakami Set The Stage For Post-War Japan

When Murakami first coined the term in 2001, it was to draw a connective line between the principles and two-dimensional…

Art Basel Premieres First-Ever Online Viewing Rooms

The new virtual platform provides collectors and enthusiasts worldwide access to over 2000 artworks by the…