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Dreaming and Beyond: Jun Impas’ Pangandoy

“From festivals to the stillness of a normal weekday, his paintings orient us to see the peripheries.” 

First impressions: Inside the OVERINKED Studio

As part of Prints Made in May 2023, Cartellino met with the members of up-and-coming…

Flux and Process with Antoni Muntadas

Following his review of the artist's' Exercises on Past and Present Memories, Sean Carballo and Antoni…

A Conversation: Brushing histories, carving space

In reflections on their personal artistic process, the artists invite readers and viewers of art to engage…

Art Writing and ‘Stilled Lives’

On days we remain trapped, we take notice of what…

Unprocessed and Hastily Published: Some Zines from a Personal Collection

The author dusts five collected zines in a part review, part remembrance of pre-pandemic past

Expanding the Tapestry: Modern Myth-Making with Philippine Spirits

Jean Karl Gaverza engages with local myth and folklore -- and invites readers to do the same.

Regina Reyes and the Art of What We Leave Behind

In the artist's second solo show, Sunday becomes a vibe. The author catches up with the artist on the ideas…

In Shaky, Red Ink: Mako Micro-press

A fellow zine-maker reflects on the indomitable arts group.

Plugging in with Keiken

A dive into Keiken's cross-dimensional collaborative practice, concepts, and their world-building vision.

Within Curfew Hours with Wipo

For 'Sulok ng Araw', the artist's third solo exhibition, Wipo tracks time through an all-too-familiar…

Get All Caught Up with JL Javier

JL Javier of Cartellino's Picks answers the First Edition questionnaire.

Artinformal Celebrates Its 16th in Multilayered Reflection

Exhibited are works of seven multigenerational artists called to answer the question, "What does the number…

Sam Feleo Crystallizes Time and Space in "The Horizon of Expectations"

Unlike vast sceneries or grand events (the boundless ocean, the crack of thunder) at which we could only balk,…

What Are Zines: History, Emergence, And Evolution

From fandoms to sociopolitical situations, a zine is the ultimate expression tool for a lot of people and the…