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The glimmer of woman’s desire in Pam Quinto’s ‘lonely is the room’

"It would seem that I’d been led to trespass at a crime scene. Was it…

Pio Abad: Exorcising the Ghosts of the Marcos Regime

After ten years of research into the conjugal dictatorship of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos, Pio Abad's Fear…

Remembering and Retrieving in Ateneo Art Gallery's Ligalig

"...With only less than a month before the registered population is given a chance to choose the nation’s…

Unprocessed and Hastily Published: Some Zines from a Personal Collection

The author dusts five collected zines in a part review, part remembrance of pre-pandemic past

Re-envisioning the Tarot: Brenda Fajardo, Iya Regalario, and Manix Abrera

The open structure of the occult favorite allows for manifold interpretation and various designs - an appeal…

The Ghostly Recollections of Koki Lxx

The longer one lingers in the exhibition, the more strongly…

Keep It Lush: The Ateneo Wild Launches a Thoughtful Coloring Book Series

Four volumes are set to release this World Wildlife Day, March 3.

Know That Platform: AITP Exhibitor Spotlight

Art in the Park's now on full swing. Here's a primer. 

Jed Gregorio Joins the Deathless

A séance-turned-declaration, Jed Gregorio’s FRAT has…

Cut Up This Body: Artists Ma, Man, and Ho for Gallery Exit

For those who have become film buffs over the extended lockdown, does Gallery Exit have the group exhibition…

In Science We Trust: Why and How Does Paper Degrade?

Because everyone knows to rely on facts.

Tomona Matsukawa and Yusuke Yamatani at a Turning Point

Turns out, adulting is hard for everybody