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Looking through the materiality of memories in Isha Naguiat's Photo of a Photo

"By altering her family photographs physically and chemically, the artist created…

Imaging faith: A look at Lyndon Maglalang's Preparatory Measures

The collection of acrylic and dry paint compositions continues the documentation…

Odes on a gossamer existence: The works of Hae Ryun, Christian Carillaza and Jem Magbanua

At Galerie Stephanie, a trio of shows offer a contemplative retreat into the sublimity of nature.

Regina Reyes and the Art of What We Leave Behind

In the artist's second solo show, Sunday becomes a vibe. The author catches up with the artist on the ideas…

Re-envisioning the Tarot: Brenda Fajardo, Iya Regalario, and Manix Abrera

The open structure of the occult favorite allows for manifold interpretation and various designs - an appeal…

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Careening on the Conceptual Tailwind of Hae Ryun

The story of how an artist found the amalgam for her life through a dream.

How Steph Alvarez Approaches Devotion

A reflection on devotion, how it tangles with persistence, and how fortitude comes with age.

Know That Platform: AITP Exhibitor Spotlight

Art in the Park's now on full swing. Here's a primer. 

At the Garden with Steph Alvarez

Steph Alvarez of Cartellino's Picks answers the First Edition Questionnaire

Gabby Prado Is a Straight Shooter

Gabby Prado of Cartellino’s Picks answers our First Edition artist questionnaire.

All Paper, All Different at Galerie Stephanie

The gallery's Position Paper (Year Three) exhibits the dizzying possibilities the medium…

Standing at the Brink with Cristina Gamón

“I stand for painting, and I defend that the sublime and seductive be perpetuated in the contemporary…

Manix Abrera Sees a World of Pure Imagination

In Manix Abrera's Bulwagan ng Hiwaga, we find mystery and fantasies in life beyond we could imagine.

The Compelling Fears in and of Kiko Capile and His Creations

There is no end to what fear can make you feel but most of the time, intuitions…

Chaotic Beauty In The Works Of Imam Santoso

This time, in Love Nature Unnatural, Santoso adds a distinguishable mark to his works—lines…

The Universe of Ciane Xavier: Grim Secrets of the Human Psyche

Brazillian-born, Philippine-based artist Ciane Xavier tells us and the spotlight is immediately turned from…