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On the Threads of Space and Time in “Passing”

In her solo show “Passing,” Celine Lee wrestles with the inevitable pull of the unknowable.

Constructing Myths through Unconfined Cinema

Cinema is its own instrument and instrumentalist in storytelling. The three films Erwin Romulo arranged reversed…

Loosen Writing’s Leash

Kickstarting the series, On Art Writing, Pristine…

Abstracting a Life in Art

Artist-curator and writer Stephanie Frondoso shares her story on how she found a career in art.

Sam Feleo at a Cellular Pace

How Sam Feleo found amicability with slowness.

Artinformal Celebrates Its 16th in Multilayered Reflection

Exhibited are works of seven multigenerational artists called to answer the question, "What does the number…

Art Basel Premieres First-Ever Online Viewing Rooms

The new virtual platform provides collectors and enthusiasts worldwide access to over 2000 artworks by the…

Collecting Young: Duncan Yu on His Beginnings into Art

Duncan Yu is clearly excited about art, its creators with their wild ideas and boundless creativity, and the…

ALT Philippines Immerses The Manila Scene With A Reframed Art Show

Much like a honeycomb, the hexagonal booths for each gallery—Artinformal, Blanc, Finale Art File, Galleria…

5 Art Fairs You Should Never Miss This 2020

Check out these art fairs that are worth visiting this 2020 from the Philippines and Singapore to Hong…

The Multi-Dimensional Task of a Curator with Gwen Bautista

Today, Gwen Bautista continues to help provide avenues for artists to grow and flourish, especially those…

Francisco Lee in Collaborating and Connecting with Artists

Koki Lee (stylized as Koki LXX) or Francisco Lee has been an active artist and curator for the past years.

Zean Cabangis Regards Process and Meaning of Layers

Zean Cabangis shows his process in 'Constantly Beginning from the End' with each work showcased.

Cris Villanueva Jr. Goes Beyond Meanings in Abstraction

Cris Villanueva Jr. takes on the humor of deception and engages in a silent discourse of substance and revelations.

Cut & Curated: The Case for Absolute Abstraction

Be it through the depth of its significance to the complexity of its creation,…

'Phenomena' On The Inevitable Science Of Art

Through the eyes of the participating artists, Phenomena

Cut & Curated: Back To The Year 4891

Man or god made disasters, natural selection, the survival of the fittest—the way see all these things…