Hannah Nantes on the home and its (dis)contents

Her Cartellino solo release Garden of Lost Snails continues until October 18.

Looking back at Angkor Photo Workshops

As deadlines approached for the next Angkor Photo Festival and Workshops, Lk Rigor joins Angkor Photo alumni…

A city that kills in Mike Olea’s Kanayunan Patungong Kalunsuran

Mike Olea’s photographs trace killing as violence encoded in the daily…

What's in a gesture?

"To gesture, on the one hand, is to signify an artistic mark. But, on the other, it is an intuitive language…

Allan Balisi’s Waiting Games

"[T]here’s a romantic tinge to the practice of waiting, an ache that renders us momentarily porous, submersible."

A wild plant grows through the concrete pavement

Punk lives on in unexpected spaces through artists A.lien (Neil Arvin Javier)…

The tenor of sound practice in Manila

A conversation with Dayang Yraola on the labels, ecologies, and shifts of sound.