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The Black Dog Rises: Javy Villacin’s Itum na Ido at Qube Gallery

In his ‘Itum na Ido’, Javy Villacin combines past and future to chart the evolution of power.  

Embodied epics: The body and its memories in Julie Lluch’s Chronicles on Skin

In a time where the transmission of stories faces revision, miscommunication,…

Reflecting Legacies: The Glass Art of Anna Orlina

Between carrying her family's legacy and forging her own artistic path, Anna Orlina's practice is one of harmony…

A Conversation: Brushing histories, carving space

In reflections on their personal artistic process, the artists invite readers and viewers of art to engage…

Fotomoto 22 brings us “Home”

Fotomoto 22 opens up to more photographers for its second edition themed “Home”.

The Regions in Focus at the 10th Art Fair Philippines

With this year’s edition of Art Fair Philippines going hybrid, featured art groups from the country’s…

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Careening on the Conceptual Tailwind of Hae Ryun

The story of how an artist found the amalgam for her life through a dream.

ART REEL: Art Fair Philippines 2021 Double-Take

With AFP 2021 at the tail-end, gathered here by the Cartellino Team are some works you may have missed or want…

Plugging in with Keiken

A dive into Keiken's cross-dimensional collaborative practice, concepts, and their world-building vision.

Stories That Paint a Portrait of Negrense Women Artists

Here is a run-down of the works on view for 'Istorya Namon Subong,' now on its last week.

Drifting in Pepe Delfin's Transient City

In the artist's latest paintings, the viewer's eye tends to move about them as their inhabitants do. 

Abstracting a Life in Art

Artist-curator and writer Stephanie Frondoso shares her story on how she found a career in art.

Art: Looking Forward with Trickie Lopa

A talk with AFP co-founder Trickie Lopa on her next steps and the arts scene moving forward.

Art Fair Philippines 2020 Expands Our Views on Art

Setting the tone at the entryways of each floor were English, Filipino, M’ranaw, and Baybayin iterations…

5 Art Fairs You Should Never Miss This 2020

Check out these art fairs that are worth visiting this 2020 from the Philippines and Singapore to Hong…

Francisco Lee in Collaborating and Connecting with Artists

Koki Lee (stylized as Koki LXX) or Francisco Lee has been an active artist and curator for the past years.