ART REEL: Art Fair Philippines 2021 Double-Take

Weekend’s coming up. The virtual Art Fair Philippines 2021 – perhaps at its most ambitious edition yet – continues until May 15. The fair's program has been neatly packed with choice topics for its talks, with its open studios and tours cozily alongside.

Standouts are Cebuano artists’ Kolown, Russ Ligtas, Ivy Marie Apa, and Ronyel Compra’s discussion on their creative practices and relevant social issues; Neal Oshima and the Design Center of the Philippines’ handmade paper-making demonstration with Piña and Abaca fiber; and the final talk of commanding notice between Narra Gallery’s Colin Goltra, Fewocious, Parrott, and Jonathan Wolfe: What’s Next for NFTs?

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As AFP 2021 edges to its last couple of days, the Cartellino Team made a beeline for the fair’s delectable staple: the art. On reel below is about a fourscore selection of works for a double-take.

Tap any of the works' images to be redirected to the relevant page in Art Fair Philippines' site. 

At AFP/Photo

Regine David. Bodies. Archival Print on Tecco Baryt Fibre Silk, with Black Distance Frame. 14 x 21 in. PRINT // 16 x 23 in. FRAMED. Limited Edition of 05.
Kawayan de Guia. Passage I. Archival Giclee print, framed with objects 63 x 59 x 4 cm including frame.


Niccolo Jose. Unconditionally. Reclaimed wood on marble 5x7x14.5 inches.
Brian Uhing. Phone with a Girl. Oil and Acrylic on Metal and Fiberglass Reinforced Resin 24 x 24 x 24 inches 25 editions available.
Yunizar. Girl. Cast Bronze. 29 x 20 x 8 cm. Edition 5 of 8 + 2 Artist Proofs.
Thanistha Nunthapojn. Longevity. Darning and ceramic 7" x 5.5" x 8"


Joar Songcuya. A Tale of Scrapped Ships. Oil on canvas. 48 x 60 inches.

OTHER MEDIA (Mixed Media, Fine Art Print, Collage, Digital Art)

All images courtesy of the artists, as lifted from the Art Fair Philippines website.