The Cartellino Team

Jason Moss' Good Harvest: What Makes Them Human

Jason Moss takes this imagery to human-like figures expressing and doing…

The Freedom in Solitary Confinements by Marc Aran Reyes

This piece of history puts Marc Aran Reyes to understanding how freedom and confinement work then versus now…

Manix Abrera Sees a World of Pure Imagination

In Manix Abrera's Bulwagan ng Hiwaga, we find mystery and fantasies in life beyond we could imagine.

Tsong Pu Goes Beyond Mainstream and Minimalism

In 'Illusions of the Universe', Tsong Pu allows a larger interpretation of his works and its relatability to…

Understanding Kafka's Complex Characters through Art in Unfolding Kafka Festival 2019

This year, with the theme "Kafka Zoo," artists from all across the world participate in exploring Kafka's animal…

Cut & Curated: Seeing is to Feeling as It is to Believing

In this ediiton of Cut & Curated, we take seeing into a gratification of senses through patterns and textures.

Intimacy in Safe Spaces According to Gahee Park

South Korean born New York-based artist Gahee Park takes it to the canvas to deliver a message in the exhibition We…

How Heewon Oh Captures Climates on Canvas

To Heewon Oh, watching the weather change carefully allows her to study how time progresses and we see it on…

Elaine Roberto Navas Shares a Personal View on Still Life

Through a series of creations, Elaine Roberto Navas takes a closer look…

Genius or Vandal: Banksy Exhibition Coming to Hong Kong

Banksy: Genius or Vandal? will be on view at the FTLife Tower on Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong this December.

Illusory Works of Ni Youyu in Space and Time

There are many questions that riddles the works of Chinese artist Ni Youyu in the exhibition The Last Sunset.

Cris Villanueva Jr. Goes Beyond Meanings in Abstraction

Cris Villanueva Jr. takes on the humor of deception and engages in a silent discourse of substance and revelations.

Celine Lee Casts Contemporary Creative Expressions

As reflected in Celine Lee's works, creative expression varies and each layer once pulled apart, varies in…

Cut & Curated: The Case for Absolute Abstraction

Be it through the depth of its significance to the complexity of its creation,…

Explore Beyond Steps with Christina Quisumbing Ramilo

The artist's fascination with this architectural wonder remains and with