The Cartellino Team

Being Kids For Kids: Culture-conscious action toward empowered futures

"We’re trying to create a world where no matter how different your passions are, everyone should be able…

Remembering loss in Teo Esguerra's flirted with you all my life

The artist’s latest offering at Vinyl on Vinyl reflects on a life lived…

Imaging faith: A look at Lyndon Maglalang's Preparatory Measures

The collection of acrylic and dry paint compositions continues the documentation…

Score the matrix until you cut through: The art of Printmaking for the People

“Printmaking stands at the front lines of progressive propaganda. It…

Odes on a gossamer existence: The works of Hae Ryun, Christian Carillaza and Jem Magbanua

At Galerie Stephanie, a trio of shows offer a contemplative retreat into the sublimity of nature.

Tracing trajectories in Jonas Eslao’s Blanc Gallery Solo Show

In Jonathan Eslao’s most recent show, scrap fabrics overlap, crack, and crease and clumps of paint collect…

First Edition Beneficiary Spotlight: Make-A-Wish Philippines

Through First Edition 2021, Cartellino is a proud wish partner of Make-A-Wish Philippines. A part of all…

Sam Feleo’s Scopic Anatomies Continues with Altro Mondo

Scopic Anatomies - first with Cartellino, now on view at Altro Mondo gallery - is a fond update on the artist's…

ART REEL: Art Fair Philippines 2021 Double-Take

With AFP 2021 at the tail-end, gathered here by the Cartellino Team are some works you may have missed or want…

When Pat Frades Found Her Quarry

Pat Frades had long been in the company of artists. Inspiration became a matter of where she looked.

Behind the Racket: FREE-Lances on the Art Gig Economy

Is there such a thing as an exclusively professional career in the arts? FREE-Lances’ Renan Laru-an,…

Keep It Lush: The Ateneo Wild Launches a Thoughtful Coloring Book Series

Four volumes are set to release this World Wildlife Day, March 3.

Know That Platform: AITP Exhibitor Spotlight

Art in the Park's now on full swing. Here's a primer. 

Who the Heck Is Maerschelle R. Douchechamp?

“Originality is dead, Douchechamp killed him!” - Freedrick Kneetsheh

The Pictorial Key to Manos: Suit of Hands

Learn the meanings behind the cards, take a step into another domain of art.