Cut & Curated: Seeing is to Feeling as It is to Believing

There are a lot of ways to which your beliefs may be challenged. A lot of people attribute it to seeing as in the popular saying, "To see is to believe." Yet others think otherwise: "To believe is to see." In this edition of Cut & Curated, we take seeing into a gratification of senses through patterns and textures.

Mark Andy Garcia's paintings are filled not only with textures but a narrative that is warm and comforting. Through his works, Garcia has found a stillness that allows him to make more mature decisions, especially when dealing with tough situations.

In Tsong Pu's Great Desire we find a geometric pattern that is not devoid of emotions that is stripped of usual contemporary abstraction. The artist goes beyond the mainstream and adds a bit of a poetic sense to his creations.

Meanwhile, Kanchana Gupta shares a meta-narrative of her living conditions in an urban environment. Through different processes of compression and compilation, the artist creates a commentary on the unparalleled aftermath of migration, urbanization, and globalization through everyday objects.

Cartellino Taka Ishii Gallery KEI TAKEMURA Time Counter, 2019 Gunma silk thread, fluorescent silk thread and linen cloth woven by S_S_’s grandmother 54_5 x 38 cm
Kei Takemura, Time Counter, 2019, Gunma silk thread, fluorescent silk thread and linen cloth woven by S.S.’s grandmother, 54.5. x 38 cm
Photo by Shinya Kigure courtesy of the artist and Taka Ishii Gallery
Cartellino Finale Art File Mark Andy Garcia
Mark Andy Garcia, Installation view of Promised Land at Finale Art File
Cartellino One Four Gallery Heewon Oh Iridescent Fog
Heewon Oh, Installation view of Iridescent Fog at One Four Gallery
Photo courtesy of the gallery
Cartellino Eslite Gallery Tsong Pu Great Desire 2017 Acrylic on canvas 130 x 130 cm
Tsong Pu, Great Desire 偉大的渴望, 2017 Acrylic on canvas, 130 x 130 cm
Photo courtesy of Eslite Gallery
Cartellino Sullivan + Strumpf Kanchana Gupta
Kanchana Gupta, Installation view of 458.32 Square Meters at Sullivan+Strumpf
Photo courtesy of the gallery