Cut & Curated: The Inception Of Nature's Omniforms

Who speaks for when the soil cries under your feet? Who bleeds for when flowers are picked from its bush? Who lets nature be seen under covers, confined by walls, and beyond the wild? This time, we have pulled together works that repurpose the organic into works of art—be it in forms of installations or paintings, Cut & Curated lets nature be seen in a different light, away from its home. As seen in Irfan Hendrian's works for Sullivan + Strumpf, we find the finite products such as paper at a downfall upheld by their flexibility and adaptability. Filipino artist Jone Sibugan resources soot and uses it as a medium in creating mushrooms, an element present in all his works. From its bourn, each artist has processed nature in ways reverent to its inception to create a new sensibility to its form.

Tyrone Dave Espino Eskinita Art Gallery
Tyrone Dave Espinosa at Eskinita Art Gallery
Sullivan+Strumpf Irfan Hendrian Some Other Matter
Irfan Hendrian at Sullivan+Strumpf, Photo courtesy of the gallery
Arario Gallery Petrit Halilaj
Petrit Halilaj at Arario Gallery, Photo courtesy of the gallery
Feng Guodong at Boers-Li Gallery, Photo courtesy of the gallery
Anchor photo courtesy of Sullivan+Strumpf