Cut & Curated: The Curious Oddities Of We

  • by The Cartellino Team

The world is an imaginarium in its own right. When one faces dull, lifeless realities, we tend to turn to the surreal—the possible that's merely improbable. In this edition of Cut & Curated, we bring together works of artists from all over Asia, creating a world that's a reflection of ours, transformed in the eyes of artists and molded through different media. What is bled in ink, crafted in stone, and manufactured in plastic blurs the fine line of what "we" imagine and "we" believe is real.

One and J Gallery Dongwook Suh
Dongwook Suh at One and J. Gallery, Photo courtesy of One and J. Gallery
Rodel Tapaya Artinformal
Rodel Tapaya at Artinformal
NANZUKA Julia Chiang
Julia Chiang at NANZUKA, Photo courtesy of NANZUKA
Gallery Exit YEUNG Hok Tak
Yeung Hok Tak at Gallery Exit, Photo courtesy of Gallery Exit
de Sarthe Gallery Wing Po Si
Wing Po So at de Sarthe Gallery, Photo courtesy of de Sarthe Gallery
Beijing Commune Nam Jinwoo
Nam Jinwoo, Photo courtesy of Beijing Commune