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NFT Art: A Double-Edged Sword

When the quality of art is equivalent to its mintability, what exactly is being sustained?

ART REEL: Art Fair Philippines 2021 Double-Take

With AFP 2021 at the tail-end, gathered here by the Cartellino Team are some works you may have missed or want…

Plugging in with Keiken

A dive into Keiken's cross-dimensional collaborative practice, concepts, and their world-building vision.

Who the Heck Is Maerschelle R. Douchechamp?

“Originality is dead, Douchechamp killed him!” - Freedrick Kneetsheh

JA Balaguer Chimes In

JA (Lex) Balaguer of Cartellino's Picks answers our First Edition questionnaire

Why Net Art Is Here to Stay

In line with movements like installation art and street art, the foremost principle was to close the gap with…

Cut & Curated: Back To The Year 4891

Man or god made disasters, natural selection, the survival of the fittest—the way see all these things…