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Score the matrix until you cut through: The art of Printmaking for the People

“Printmaking stands at the front lines of progressive propaganda. It…

The Regions in Focus at the 10th Art Fair Philippines

With this year’s edition of Art Fair Philippines going hybrid, featured art groups from the country’s…

Ang INK’s 30th Traces Its Role in Children’s Literature

Nina Martinez, the current president of Ang INK,…

Artist Interview: Sam Feleo on Process and Her Next Steps

"In a way, the process became a process of care: about caring,…

It takes many twos

When it comes to art writing, there's often much to consider; in this estimate, two too many.

Ardent readings

"Ardent readings lead us to the emergence of something exemplary or to finding felicity in forms or articulations…

Defining Home in the Works of Contreras, Bacay, and Tee

In this month’s exhibitions at MO_Space Gallery, Marionne Contreras,…

Loosen Writing’s Leash

Kickstarting the series, On Art Writing, Pristine…

Like This/Like That: On 'Katulad/Kahadha'

This Instagram exhibition draws striking parallels between works by Philippine and Arab masters, identifying…

Re-envisioning the Tarot: Brenda Fajardo, Iya Regalario, and Manix Abrera

The open structure of the occult favorite allows for manifold interpretation and various designs - an appeal…

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Careening on the Conceptual Tailwind of Hae Ryun

The story of how an artist found the amalgam for her life through a dream.

ART REEL: Art Fair Philippines 2021 Double-Take

With AFP 2021 at the tail-end, gathered here by the Cartellino Team are some works you may have missed or want…

Plugging in with Keiken

A dive into Keiken's cross-dimensional collaborative practice, concepts, and their world-building vision.

Within Curfew Hours with Wipo

For 'Sulok ng Araw', the artist's third solo exhibition, Wipo tracks time through an all-too-familiar…

How Steph Alvarez Approaches Devotion

A reflection on devotion, how it tangles with persistence, and how fortitude comes with age.

Abstracting a Life in Art

Artist-curator and writer Stephanie Frondoso shares her story on how she found a career in art.

Know That Platform: AITP Exhibitor Spotlight

Art in the Park's now on full swing. Here's a primer. 

Sam Feleo at a Cellular Pace

How Sam Feleo found amicability with slowness.