Attasit Aniwatchon Has Us Reexamining Our Personal Biases

Continuing until July 4, 2020, at Richard Koh Fine Art is Attasit Aniwatchon’s The Melodrama: Images, Pictures, and Paintings. Through a collection as forthcoming as the title, Aniwatchon takes his sugar and kitsch trademark to a whole new level. Blundering the gallery walls with images of toys, dolls, inflatables, and 3D avatars with as much garish style as your neglected refrigerator magnet, Melodrama’s series of collages blast your bejeweled taste buds like a nasty shot of liquid margarine.

After kit-bashing popular pictures found online with mobile apps, the artist found himself enjoying it so immensely that he wrote about the experience in his statement. “After that, I may put a highly entertaining B-Grade movie on for a while,” he follows.

He doesn’t sound ironic. Although, let’s admit, we’ve all sat through a screening of Sharknado and, to our surprise, came out of it feeling carefree. There’s nothing better than a good sense of humor to break us off from tedium. Who said art can’t do the same?

Attasit Aniwatchon’s solo exhibition in Bangkok, The Melodrama: Images, Pictures, and Paintings, will be available for viewing by appointment only. Learn more here.

Cartellino My Pretty House
My Pretty House. Acrylic on canvas. 110 x 130 cm. 2019.
Cartellino Small House
Small House. Acrylic on canvas. 110 x 130 cm. 2019.

Anchor photo: Dream House. Acrylic on canvas, 100 x 120 cm. 2019.

All images courtesy Richard Koh Fine Art and the artist.