Melati Suryodarmo Brings Forth Body, Site, and Memory in Solo Exhibition

  • by The Cartellino Team

Known for her performance-based oeuvre, Melati Suryodarmo takes a bold turn toward an exploration of print and paper in STPI. The Indonesian artist's residency resulted in a range of two- and three-dimensional works that remain true to her performative roots. The exhibition, aptly named Memento Mori, investigates the unstable link between matter and memory and personal representations of displacement. The artist grows beyond performance as she explores abandoned scopes and the memoirs they carry. This haunting yet beguiling exhibition highlights and brings forth the transformative relationships between site, body, and memory.

Cartellino STPI Melati Suryodarmo Memento Mori
Installation view of Memento Mori
Memento Mori will be on view at STPI Creative Workshop and Gallery in Singapore until January 24, 2020.
Photos courtesy of STPI Creative Workshop and Gallery.