Hou Zichao Goes Beyond Forms in Landscape Paintings

  • by The Cartellino Team

More often than not, landscapes in paintings are seen as a symbol of transcendence.In the exhibition Light Breaks Where No Sun Shines, Hou Zichao sets up a foreseeable antecedent evoking human worldly desires behind landscapes.Hou's works begin with the tangerine color, later buried by images of rivers and mountains. The artist takes his paintings to a new realm as he creates a grander, more intense, heroic style of portraying the landscape, done in an obscure manner to project layers that go beyond the flat surface of the painting.

Cartellino Boers-Li Gallery Hou Zichao
Installation view of Light Breaks Where No Sun Shines
Photos courtesy of Boers-Li Gallery
Light Breaks Where No Sun Shines will be on view at Boers-Li Gallery until January 19, 2020.