Yuan Yuan Brings Together Plants and Women in Solo Exhibition

"It seems we are here physically, yet mentally we are elsewhere,” Yuan Yuan notes for the exhibition where body, plastic fruits, and environment are juxtaposed. The exhibition reveals a lot about contemporary life in which multiple realities are in a state of superposition. During her previous exhibitions, the artist contemplates the issues of female identity and their spiritual world. This time with Glasswort, Yuan Yuan brings together plants and women in an unexpected way. Glasswort is a halophyte plant thriving in saline environments, now an ingredient for skincare products, and ultimately a part of the manufacturing chain.

Cartellino Tabula Rasa Beijing Yuan Yuan Glasswort
Installation view of Glasswort
Glasswort will be on view at Tabula Rasa Gallery until January 10, 2020.
Photos courtesy of Tabula Rasa Gallery.