Manix Abrera Sees a World of Pure Imagination

  • by The Cartellino Team

There's more to the universe than one could ever imagine. We were so caught up with the reality of things that we've completely forgotten how fantasies happen in our everyday lives. The little moments of unexplainable phenomena would always be there, quietly sneaking upon us to take us by surprise. In Manix Abrera's Bulwagan ng Hiwaga, we find mystery and fantasies in life beyond we could imagine. Nevermind the allegories or the hard-hitting punchlines of his works, Abrera's show depicts the world as an imaginrium in itself. In his works, we see familiar characters that reflect who we are inside, the people around us, the people we'd love to meet, and the people we want to be. Its relatability embraces the little things where we can find magic.

Cartellino Manix Abrera Bulwagan ng Hiwaga
Installation view of Bulwagan ng Hiwaga
Photos courtesy of Galerie Stephanie | Bulwagan ng Hiwaga will be on view at Galerie Stephanie until November 30, 2019.