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Edition of 8
Pigment ink on 300 gsm matte archival paper (100% cotton)

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This work comes issued with a signed Certificate of Authenticity (CoA).

This is an exhibition of the treatment & portrayal of women as "playthings," especially in the field of advertising. The piece, through the use of clippings from vintage 50s era magazine publications, re-contextualizes the way that women are perceived through the male gaze, which has historically reduced them down to “beautiful toys" of no additional value. The artwork is an exposition on the classic depiction of women as disembodied entities stripped of agency, with value that extends no more beyond their physical appearance.

About the Artist

Born in Manila in 1988, Jo Aguilar studied Multimedia Arts at the De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde. Her inspiration to create stems from her mother who used to put together collages and make oil paintings when she was a child. Aguilar currently works mainly as an art-based Associate Creative Director in an advertising firm. She enjoys collecting clippings from vintage advertisements and re-contextualizing them into fresh meanings and ideas. She has since mounted exhibits at Blanc Gallery and participated in Art In The Park. She started out with collage on paper, then eventually learned how to paint with oils during the pandemic.

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