Death Is My Neighbor A

Photographs, found paper, watercolor paper, acrylic, ink, and pencil
25 x 30.75 inches (unframed)
31 x 37 inches (framed)

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Born out of living just a few steps from two cemeteries, Teo Esguerra’s studies reveal a life marked with a sense of alienating familiarity. The artist’s Death Is My Neighbor series is an omnium-gatherum of graphic ephemera from the near and distant past, documenting his relationship with death, whose presence seems at times so close, and at others beyond recognition. New and old darkroom prints; screenshots from video games; paintings and illustrations; furniture manuals and booklets, all collect neatly though rather incoherently: the relics of a home, of a life being built and at once coming undone.

This work comes framed and issued with a signed Certificate of Authenticity (CoA).

About the Artist

Teo Esguerra is a Marikina-based multimedia artist working mostly on photography, unconventional darkroom printing, video, collage and painting. His works reflect personal memory, dreams, and daily life, projecting the current socio-political issues. Aesthetically he is fascinated by markings of imperfections, happy accidents, mistakes, and chance. Esguerra graduated from Far Eastern University with a BFA in Advertising. He worked as an illustrator before becoming a full time visual artist. He has shown his works in Singapore, Shanghai, Paris and different galleries around Metro Manila.

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