Mark Turbolencia Is the Powerhouse of the Cell

Mark Angelo Turbolencia is a young artist from Catanduanes in the Bicol region. Born in 1994, he took up a degree in Fine Arts majoring in Advertising and graduated from Far Eastern University. Having grown up in an island province, Turbolencia was raised in a conservative environment. His move to Metro Manila exposed him to new cultures and norms, which resulted in a drastic change in his views about art. He has since begun to question certain traditions from his conservative background as he tries to understand the contemporary and conceptual side of art. Turbolencia became fully active as an artist after graduating in 2018 and has been in group shows ever since.

Turbolencia’s works are narratives of his fascination with the humanities—physical, metaphorical, spiritual, and sometimes astronomical. Having a sibling with a medical degree, Turbolencia experimented with blood as his primary medium in his art pieces. His painting compositions usually include an acrylic background with him as the subject, painted in blood with a hand-stitched thread for the head. Turbolencia’s decision to use blood as a medium may seem unconventional, although he believes its use in art is not new. It can be traced back during the earlier times of humanity as a form of documenting their lives.

Mark Turbolencia_a horse with no name 1971, 2_50 - 3_05_2020
Mark Turbolencia. 2020. Pigment ink on 300 gsm matte archival paper (100% cotton). Edition of 10.

What music did you have growing up?

Foreign & local oldies (70’s-80’s) up to pop classics of the 90’s

Reason: I grew up in an island province wherein most of the time people would enjoy singing oldies in karaoke. My mother also listens to radio every Sunday, which usually plays oldies tracks.  

What work of art last caught your eye?

“Nesting #50: Cycles” by Natalie Ciccoricco

Can you let us in on a current or upcoming project that excites you?

Cartellino Print Project: First Edition

Reason: It is my first time to have my art pieces printed.

We’re playing charades. What is the hardest thing you could have someone guess?


What do you think deserves more attention?

The fact that aliens are real.

What would be your last meal?

Two Skyflakes and a mug of hot Nescafe coffee mixed with sugar and Bearbrand milk.

Anchor photo: immortality, 1998, 2:28 - 2:39 and walk away, 1964, 0:56 - 1:27. 2020. Pigment ink on 300 gsm matte archival paper (100% cotton). Each in editions of 10.

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