8 Asian Art Events You Can View Online Now

Praise for the arts in a time when relief, catharsis, and wonder are salves to the shut-in psyche. If you're looking for something new, you might enjoy these eight online art events, listed by gallery, that use livestreams, gifs, and more to bring art to the comfort of your home. 

Don't forget to wash your hands!

1. ART Power HK

On air today from 5 – 6 pm is ART Power HK’s second installment of its Online Talks Program. The online 360° tour will exhibit Time Will Tell, a three-part narrative of Stanley Wong’s transition from advertising giant to full-on artist, the creation of his alter-ego, anothermountainman, and his social works. A livestream discussion will be facilitated by Alexandra Seno.

Catch the livestream at 5 pm.

Cartellino Installation View of Disruptive Matter
Installation view of Disruptive Matter.


Disruptive Matter and The New York Times: Carbon Casualties take the virtual tour route as well. Both focused on environmental impacts, Disruptive Matter features an interdisciplinary field, introducing projects and works from the fields of design and engineering as much as art. The New York Times exhibit features the award-winning stills of climate photographer, Josh Haner.

Enter the virtual tour.

Cartellino 3 Days in 3 years from Panning of Days Series
3 Days in 3 Years. (Detail; From Panning of Days Series).


A formidable roster of galleries and artists comprise the Asian online art fair: Misako & Rosen, YOD Gallery, SNOW Contemporary, and dozens more all have showcased art for grabs and purchase.

Start here.

Museum of Islamic Art
Museum exterior. Courtesy of Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar.

4. The Museum of Islamic Art, Qatar

Historic art objects dating as far back as the 7th century up until the 19th century are up for online display, including metalwork, ceramics, jewelry, woodwork, carpets, and more. Many of the works featured reveal the lush culture of trade Qatar enjoyed with Turkey, Egypt, and India, among others.

Click here to view.

Cartellino You Youngkuk
Artist Yoo Youngkuk. Courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

5. National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea

The 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Korean Masters: Yoo Youngkuk, originally exhibited four years ago, is on view again, this time online and viewable through Google Art Projects. A timeline survey of Youngkuk’s life, viewers receive concise summaries of the different periods of Younguk’s career, from his artistic beginnings after the Pacific War, his leanings toward abstraction, and until the latter days of his prolific life.

Click to view the collection.

Cartellino Horse on All Things
A Horse of All Things. Oil on canvas 油彩 畫布 82 11/16 x 126 inches (210 x 320 cm) 210 x 320 厘米 (82 11/16 x 126 吋). 2014–18. Courtesy Tu Hongtao.

6. Lévy Gorvy Online Viewing Room

From March 25 to May 30, 2020, is a solo exhibition of Tu Hongtao’s works from the last 15 years. Tu Hongtao proved his keen perception as an artist in the rapid urbanization early on in his career, infusing his works with tensile strokes. Today, Tu Hongtao’s sensibilities delve into the abstract, and complete a synthesis of Western and Eastern aesthetics.

View it online.

Cartellino Installation View Brun Diptychs
Installation view of Diptychs.

7. Lisson Gallery

Ongoing online until March 28, 2020 is the first solo show of Christopher Le Brun, Diptychs, in mainland China. As one might expect, the artworks praise the diptych form for its examination of opposing forces: dark and light shades, strong and subdued colors, depth and surface.

See here.

Cartellino Gormley
Installation view of Gormley's past work, Still Moving. 2017. Courtesy Antony Gormley.

8. Galleria Continua

Last on our list is the viewing of Antony Gormley, whose artworks feature a body deconstructed, in repose, and its variety of interactions with its contextual space. The body is represented through cubic, architectonic shapes.

Click for the viewing room.

Anchor photo: Stanley Wong. Plate S017. Courtesy of the exhibit.