Cultures Collide in Modeka Creative Space's Opening Exhibition

A new creative space opens in the metro, and its diverse first exhibition brings together Asia and beyond. Modeka is all your creative space needs put together—a contemporary art gallery, events space, and art consultancy hub. With a pool of experts and doors wide open for every artist of all mediums, Modeka stands out with diversity and a unique approach to contemporary arts. Aptly named Modeka (as in 'Modern Dekada'), contemporary art fuses with modern-day music and culture with relevance for a generation that always craves something new and inspiring.

Nothing Gold Can Stay

On Saturday, December 14, 2019, Modeka held its opening night with the exhibition that features artists of different mediums. The roster includes 13 Lucky Monkey (Philippines), Ronald Apriyan (Indonesia), Caryn Koh (Malaysia), Mark Nicdao (Philippines), Lynyrd Paras (Philippines), Jono Pisano (Philippines), Dedy Sufriadi (Indonesia), and Sinta Tantra (Indonesia/UK). 

The exhibition focuses on the idea of impermanence and how the art-making process zooms in on the now. Each artist takes on this notion and through various mediums, all exhibited at the new creative space with performances by Jason Soong, Marie Garcia, Brando Umali, Krista Roma, and Tribu Manila.

Modeka Creative Space is located at Warehouse 20A La Fuerza 1, 2241 Don Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines. Admission is free for Nothing Gold Can Stay.