Sam Feleo’s Scopic Anatomies Continues with Altro Mondo


Tracking with what began with Horizon of Expectations in 2020, Scopic Anatomies’ latest iteration — first at Cartellino, now on exhibit with Altro Mondo — is a fond update of artist Sam Feleo’s current practice, as it continues to arouse instances of scientific wonder from works as otherworldly as they are oddly, unconventionally, picturesque.

These qualities can only help define what has increasingly become the artist’s signature. Inseparable is Sam Feleo’s ongoing process of cultivating the afterlives of past works alongside her practice, nestling curiosity in discovering further possibilities with her unique medium.


Specimen 16. Pigment ink on 300 gsm matte archival paper (100% cotton). Edition of 12. 2021
Specimen 6. Pigment ink on 300 gsm matte archival paper (100% cotton). Edition of 12. 2021.

A significant portion of the artificially-grown crystals in Terra Shard and Terra Tower: Anemone first appeared in her installation works back in the CCP. Encased in glass and added with a chemical preserver, the crystals’ new homes are long-lasting. The images in the Specimen collages, here editioned as archival prints, are similarly repurposed and made anew, as though the ethos to reconstitute were to build again from the bottom-up, slicing atoms to fit the precise measurements of the artist’s grand design.

The real kicker in this veritable showcase of Feleo’s knack for composition and material experimentation is the latest version of Creations of Nature and Man-made Progeny. Divided into three separate 11 x 4 feet panels, this colossal work displays the definitive and culminating aspects everything Sam Feleo brings to the table today: a mesmerizing multicolor work made through collage and ink on watercolor paper.

See it online (and onsite, after the ECQ) by visiting Altro Mondo until August 30, 2021. Select Specimen collages are available through our shop.

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