5 Things to Consider When Buying Art as a Gift

The season of giving has arrived. With all different kinds of deals and sales left and right and online shopping made available for everyone, gift-giving has been swift and easy. But sometimes, a quick checkout on the counter doesn't suffice even with a handwritten note on the side. Some people deserve the gift of art this holiday season. If you're to give artworks as a gift this season, you might want to consider the following first.

It doesn't have to be expensive

Before taking your first step into a gallery or browsing online for art, you might want to think twice about your budget. We know that buying fine art may not be the most conventional of gifts and may cost you a little more than your typical kris kringle. But worry not for its price doesn't matter. It's best to set a budget for the gift and ask your art dealer for pieces that you can afford. The great thing about art is that its value doesn't only rely on its monetary equivalent.

While original works are of higher value (thus may cost more), prints are also ideal gift ideas especially if you're buying for a few people who you believe would appreciate the works. Editioned prints can be an easy option for a gift but variability still provides a more personalized feel so take your time picking the right artworks for who.

How will they like it?

Before you make that purchase, remember that the artwork will be for someone else. While your taste does matter as well, it's best if you consider theirs first. Will this person appreciate this kind of aesthetic? Is it something you'd like to introduce to them, perhaps? Whichever the answer is, you'll know it when it's the right artwork especially if you know this person all too well. If you're unsure, go with your gut. Trust your own aesthetic! Chances are they'll appreciate it eitherway as it's something you've thought long and hard about.

Does it fit?

Buying art means it has to be stored in their homes or offices. Try to assess if the piece you're planning to give them fits if they have small spaces or that it compliments the interior of their space. Don't forget that you may not be able to know where they'd put it so your best bet is to make it neutral and easy to place anywhere. If you're worried about the size, buying small pieces will be easier for them to place it anywhere they'd like.

Go the extra mile while you're at it

It may cost you less if you're to buy unframed art but it's best if they're already framed. This will make it easier for the recipient to display it. You may also include a few details about the artist and the arwork on a note. The Certificate of Authenticity should be with the recipient as well.

There are no right or wrong gifts

This season is never about which gift is more expensive, bigger, or heavier. Don't worry too much about the price or weight of the gift you're about to give. While you also have to consider the gift recipient's taste, the beauty of gift-giving is that it signals the beginning of a new adventure for the recipient one way or another. Surprise them if you can! Art is a timeless gift that anyone will appreciate so don't worry too much about it and just go with it. You'll realize there's more to discover when you take a risk this season.