Why You Should Consider Buying Art Online

For the past years, innovations continue to rise in and out of the art industry. From ingenious creations to brand new platforms to showcase and understand art, we have all seen the industry grow to what it is now. And while online shopping has been a big industry for quite some time now, it is only now that the industry of online art buying has been recognized by collectors and a lot of them love it. Here are the reasons why.

Online Exclusivity of Artworks

When artists consign artworks on an online selling platform, it's most likely that you will never find these other works anywhere else. This exclusivity can give you the edge when it comes to purchasing a work that is unique to the artist and later to the collector who acquires it. There are many artworks you're missing out on—those that are in the backroom of galleries that you won't always have complete access to. Once these backroom pieces get returned to the artist at the end of a consignment agreement, there are high chances of finding them online. Some artworks are not marketed properly by galleries thus leaving them wrapped in bubbles in the backroom.

Cartellino Buy Art Online
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Transacting on a physical gallery would be a little daunting for a new collector. While some collectors already know all the questions to ask like information about the art or artists, its authenticity, and price. But when you're new in art collecting, the words might not come out just right. When you're making online transactions, all the information you would need would be available at the touch of a fingertip such as information about the artwork, the artist, and even its price. A lot of collectors find it easier and there's less pressure in making a decision when it comes to online purchases. This gives you more freedom to explore more options and see other artists that may be similar to the one you're viewing or doing more thorough research about the work and the artist.

“Once you've hard your eyes set on an artwork, there should be an option to be yours as conveniently as possible.”


Some art collectors are not very fond of having their identities known to other clients or be seen wandering around auctions and galleries themselves. It should be known that online transactions made within a platform are private. Any information given to a platform should not be disclosed without your consent and that's the beauty of buying online. You can keep your information confidential while enjoying the convenience and pleasure of online art buying.

Cartellino Buy Art Online
Photo courtesy of Unsplash


This is the main reason why the online shopping industry has boomed in the past decade. A lot of people don't have the time to go to stores themselves. Convenience should be counted as the biggest reason why art collectors choose to purchase online themselves. According to a study, 43% of art collectors would choose online art buying. Consider the following reasons:

  1. There are no lines
  2. Prices are competitive
  3. Faster transactions
  4. Easier browsing of all artworks
  5. Delivery

These are just to name a few. A lot of art collectors don't have access to art galleries and would resort to online buying instead.

Art buying shouldn't be hard for anyone. Once you've hard your eyes set on an artwork, there should be an option to be yours as conveniently as possible. Not to mention, the internet has a lot of options reserved for people like you who are looking into starting their collections.