Why You Should Start an Art Collection in Your 20s

Being a 20-something in 2019 comes with a lot of responsibilities. In your 20s you'll find yourself trying hard to balance work and life, wants and needs. As most people would know, millennials are in it for the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression and adding some hobbies into the monthly budget would seem like a far-fetched dream—especially when it comes to collecting practically anything. But there can't be a better time than now. Here are all the right reasons why you should start your art collection as early as in your 20s.


There's a lot of room to grow

Collecting art takes a lot of research to go into. There is a lot to know—from the simplest terms to the unspoken languages of the business. Fusing in this effort and one's excitement to venture into something can bring about a lot of lessons, all practical, wise, and unexpected. To take advantage of your youth to learn more would bring only fortuitous results in your art collection journey.

Cartellino Art Collecting in 20s
Photo courtesy of Unsplash

Exercise your financial freedom

Much as 20-somethings feel strapped and tight when it comes to finances, there is nothing but freedom when it comes to your 20s. At this age, most people are free of any more responsibilities. The older you get, the more responsibilities you'll seem to have; you'll later find yourself facing even bigger financial duties to fulfill. Today may be the right time, while you still have fewer liabilities to think about.

“[An art collection is] a part of you—handpicked memories,
personal mementos, and a unique way of telling your story
through drawn, painted, stretched, and framed.”

You're more open to emerging artists

There are a lot of factors to consider in buying art. Aside from the aesthetic, you'll most likely be looking at more affordable pieces. There are a lot of emerging artists that are only waiting for people like you to take on their works. The independent scene and emerging artists in the industry are all in need of patrons who believe in them and the art they make. Grow with the artists you support and learn with them as time goes by.

Cartellino Art Collecting in 20s STPI Pinaree Sanpitak
Pinaree Sanpitak, Installation view of Fragmented Bodies: The Personal and The Public. Photo courtesy of STPI Gallery

Art is not simply an investment

It is in your 20s that you begin actualizing your dreams. In this age, you'll find yourself even more appreciative of an item's non-financial value than it's placement on the market. Art shouldn't only be about investments. While the work you buy now may be appraised in the future; the size and value of your collection will inevitably become bigger with time. But the collection you'll start today can mean so much more than that in the future. It's a part of you—handpicked memories, personal mementos, and a unique way of telling your story through drawn, painted, stretched, and framed.

Anchor photo courtesy of Unsplash