5 Ways To Liven Up Small Spaces With Art

It’s not a secret that tiny houses are today’s trends. More and more millennials are opting for small condominium units from studio units to one-bedroom flats. This proves that a lot of people settle for functional small spaces for permanent living and for many small space owners, livening up a small space can be hard. People usually settle for bare walls or half-empty shelves but that can be changed. Art can be a powerful device when it comes to interior design. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, art can give an illusion of space—add height to your walls or more space for your humble abode. Picking the right pieces, of course, is a crucial part to make this happen. Whether you want to elevate the look of your space or to simply incorporate art in it, here are a few tips you have to remember when placing art in your small space.

1. Large frames, small pieces

Small photos, prints, or artworks can make a lot of difference. Just because they’re small, doesn’t mean they value any less. Take a few small pieces and put them in a large frame. This will give an illusion of space and depth to your walls. Aside from diminishing the clutter on the walls, the negative spaces will add a bit of space for each work to breathe. But if big frames aren’t really your thing, frames with thin borders allow every piece to stand out as well.

Cartellino Keep It Neutral
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2. Keep it neutral

Neutral and light colors can brighten up any room. Follow a subtle and cohesive color scheme for your interiors and pick pieces for your collection that will go well with it. Just like the general idea of having put these pieces up, it adds more space for your walls to breathe. Not to mention, picking neutral-colored pieces will allow you to change your furniture and home decors easier without having to worry about your pieces not going along with the new theme of your home.

Cartellino Window of Illusion
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3. Add a window of illusion

Beaches, fields, cityscapes—pick a view and add it to your collection. These pieces will instantly give you an illusion of a window to your space. Small spaces are usually scarce of window thus making it look cramped but with pieces like these, it will seem as if your space is just a stone-throw away from the beach or just beyond a whole meadow.

Cartellino Go Vertical
Photo courtesy of Unsplash
Cartellino Go Vertical
Photo courtesy of Unsplash

4. Go Vertical then beyond

Arranging your art vertically adds height to your wall. A heightened wall will make any room less cramped. Plan ahead when putting the collection together in this position—what should go on top, middle, or bottom? If your walls are already full and you still have a few pieces to hang, try your bookshelf or desk. Lean the pieces back or hang them on doors. It’s never a bad idea to present your art in places mostly accessible by you and your guests.

5. Quality over quantity

Crowding your walls or entire home with art can’t always be a good idea, especially with small spaces. The goal will always be to add dimension, height, and width to your space. Owning a few pieces is best for small spaces—less clutter, more space! Not to mention, it will emphasize each piece even more.

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