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Taking a Moment to Reflect in 'Breathing Space'

When in quarantine, any breathing room wall tends to close in.

The Ghostly Recollections of Koki Lxx

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When Pat Frades Found Her Quarry

Pat Frades had long been in the company of artists. Inspiration became a matter of where she looked.

Know That Platform: AITP Exhibitor Spotlight

Art in the Park's now on full swing. Here's a primer. 

Pat Frades Sees with Mushrooms

Sometimes, it takes something bizarre to see things differently. Like shrooms.

ALT Philippines Immerses The Manila Scene With A Reframed Art Show

Much like a honeycomb, the hexagonal booths for each gallery—Artinformal, Blanc, Finale Art File, Galleria…

5 Art Fairs You Should Never Miss This 2020

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Doctor Karayom: When We All Fall Asleep Where Do The Creatures Go?

Doktor Karayom shares his vision of what happens within the loops of our minds in the show Laway sa Unan at…

The Universe of Ciane Xavier: Grim Secrets of the Human Psyche

Brazillian-born, Philippine-based artist Ciane Xavier tells us and the spotlight is immediately turned from…