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Weaving a Legacy: Of Art, Growth, and Community

"Now in its fourth year, Tubô Cebu Art Fair continuously echoes and demonstrates Visayas-Mindanao's growing…

Discerning Treasure and Wealth in Jandy Carvajal’s Repoussé Artworks

His third exhibit of repoussé works, Ang Ating Mga Kayamanan Sa Bakuran is Jandy Carvajal's…

Writer and director Alex Westfall critically imagines history through archives and fiction

“A lot of my work stems from the existential question 'How did I get here? [...] What would have happened…

Remembering and Retrieving in Ateneo Art Gallery's Ligalig

"...With only less than a month before the registered population is given a chance to choose the nation’s…

Unprocessed and Hastily Published: Some Zines from a Personal Collection

The author dusts five collected zines in a part review, part remembrance of pre-pandemic past

What to See in This Year's UPCFA Studio Arts Degree Show

This year's UPCFA student degree showcase serves up a balance of skill, talent, ingenuity, limning, incidentally,…

First Edition Beneficiary Spotlight: Make-A-Wish Philippines

Through First Edition 2021, Cartellino is a proud wish partner of Make-A-Wish Philippines. A part of all…

Subjugation through Adoration: Bona (1980) Reviewed

Interesting to note, too, is that the film was made and released when the Philippines was embroiled in the…

Present Catechisms

Why with art amid crisis are we no longer surprised?

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: Careening on the Conceptual Tailwind of Hae Ryun

The story of how an artist found the amalgam for her life through a dream.

When Pat Frades Found Her Quarry

Pat Frades had long been in the company of artists. Inspiration became a matter of where she looked.

How Steph Alvarez Approaches Devotion

A reflection on devotion, how it tangles with persistence, and how fortitude comes with age.

Behind the Racket: FREE-Lances on the Art Gig Economy

Is there such a thing as an exclusively professional career in the arts? FREE-Lances’ Renan Laru-an,…

Abstracting a Life in Art

Artist-curator and writer Stephanie Frondoso shares her story on how she found a career in art.

Mark Turbolencia Is the Powerhouse of the Cell

Mark Turbolencia of Cartellino’s Picks answers the First Edition questionnaire.

Get All Caught Up with JL Javier

JL Javier of Cartellino's Picks answers the First Edition questionnaire.

Marian Hukom Knows How to Go Out in Style

Marian Hukom of Cartellino's Picks answers our First Edition questionnaire

Stories Worth (Re)Telling: Philippine Artists at 2020 Berlin Biennale

Does it take an international biennale to learn about our local artists? No, but it's a good writing prompt.