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What happens to the sky if the seas turn white?

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Pigment ink on 300 gsm matte archival paper (100% cotton)

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What happens to the sky if the seas turn white?
Unnaturally and unnecessarily white.

I think of lost reveries if it so happens that blue skies will cease to exist. And if some other color will remain, it will be the violent red and orange of a setting sun. There will be no purple or mauve to mediate the reds or pinks and the blues. The gloaming will no longer be; blue will cease to bewitch us at the liminal hours of dawn and twilight. Day itself will be blank/blanc.

Bachelard wrote, "these hours of pure vision in front of the tender and delicate blue of a sky from which all objects have been banished, we will be able to understand that the aerial kind of imagination offers a do-main in which the values of the dream and of the representation are interchangeable on the most basic level. Other matters harden objects. Also, in the realm of blue air more than elsewhere, we feel that the world may be permeated by the most indeterminate reverie. This is when reverie really has depth. The blue sky opens up in depth beneath the dream... The world is then truly on the other side of the unsilvered mirror. There is an im-aginary beyond, a pure beyond, one without a within. First there is nothing, then there is a deep nothing, then there is a blue depth."

Blue is elusive. Its existence in nature is a magical phenomenon. It exists at the in-between, an optical illusion when bird feathers and butterfly wings register blue in our eyes. Zoom in and you'll see, it is all a matter of refraction. That seemingly pure and absolute blue is made up of ultraviolet, indigo, and peacock green. In flora, blues inch towards a lavender color, think of periwinkles and hydrangeas.

So what will happen if the ocean is no longer blue?

The question crept into my mind as I saw the so called "sand" dissolve and ebb into the Manila Bay waters, the fish lethargic, almost aimlessly swimming, swimming yet going nowhere. We're all like those fish these days, unsure how to navigate the tainted waters of our time. All the forward strides humanity has taken in trying to better itself, what has become of those? It seems that we've regressed instead.

And I think of the corals, they're hunkering down, preparing for a mass extinction event. I think of the ghosts of the overmined giant clams and the detritus of lost sovereignty lying at the bottom of the West Philippine Sea.

I guess what I'm really wondering most of all is:

What will happen to us?



About the Artist

Pam Quinto (b. 1991, Quezon City) is an artist, curator, and writer. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, with a Major in Painting, in 2014 from the University of the Philippines, from which she received the Outstanding Thesis and the Gawad Tanglaw awards for her undergraduate thesis. In the same year, she became part of the inaugural batch of the Artery Mentorship Program organized by Artery Art Space in Manila. She recently participated in Load na Dito’s Curating in Local Contexts workshop, and AfA Masterclass’ Institutional Collapse program. She is also the founder and curator of Parcel Exhibitions, a portable exhibition modality developed in response to the arts immobility caused by pandemic lockdowns.

Her practice articulates a sense of intimacy and vulnerability in which remnants of memory, sympathy to the human psyche, and thematics of the feminine are seen and felt. Through an embracing attentiveness to process and intricate details, Quinto foils logics of production and objectifying material. She navigates tensions between creation and destruction by mingling craft and experiment, and subverts viewer roles through works that invite interaction and participation. Quinto’s interdisciplinary practice encompasses various mediums such as ceramics, photography, installation, text, and performance.

Quinto has participated in a number of group exhibitions in Manila and elsewhere, including Art Moments Jakarta; Figureproof (2020) at A+ Works of Art; A will for prolific disclosures (2020) at The Drawing Room; Double Double, Moore in Trouble (2019) at Tin-Aw Gallery; For Every Atom Belonging to Me (2019) at the Sampaguita Art Projects; and Kabit at Sabit (2019), a one-day simultaneous presentation of multi-site site-specific projects all-over the archipelago organized by Load na Dito Projects (Mark Salvatus and Mayumi Hirano); to name the most recent. She is set to hold her first solo exhibition at Mo_Space in October this year.

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