Scopic Anatomies

Specimen 11

2021. Pigment ink on 300 gsm matte archival paper (100% cotton). Edition of 12.

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Print will be float mounted if ordered framed. It comes signed and numbered by the artist, with a signed Certificate of Authenticity (CoA).

In collaboration with Altro Mondo GalleryScopic Anatomies is currently on view at their space featuring new pieces by Samantha Feleo and this print.

About the Artist

Artist Statement:

“I am a mixed-media artist. My interests lie in exploring the relations between materiality and meaning in the contexts of nature, desire, and biology; I endeavor their integration, of art and science, to understand the universe and our place in it. I tend to approach my investigations much like my subject: as a visual aggregate of elements, patterned or produced, made of materials that don’t restrict control. Instead, they focus on the processes that shape the results; that which looks into immediate circumstance and actual conditions of art-making.

My recent practice engaged the temporal by working with hybrid sculptures made of ceramics and synthetically grown crystals. Through these objects, I investigate the alchemy of time condensed—by manipulating matter, dissecting it, subjecting it to chemical reactions, and then piecing them back together. The sculptures are objects of the future. They express a sense of waiting and change in how they accumulate, decay, and regenerate. My goal is to produce works that are not just determined by formal needs, but also by emotional ones.

Combining the beautiful with the dangerous, the predictable with the uncertain, inner and outer worlds—I aim to produce works that consider the anxieties steeped in the Anthropocene and correspond to ideas on existence by evoking the sublime, by giving proof to the imponderable. The divine.”

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