A visual artist and designer based in Manila, Julian Udine holds a BA degree in Fine Arts, Sculpture from Haverford College, and another in Psychology from Bryn Mawr College, USA, via a Bi-College program.

Julian works primarily with mixed media sculpture reflective of her interdisciplinary background, drawing inspiration from the ebb and flow between the human psyche and the natural world. Her practice often cross-pollinates between elements of psychology, biology, literature, and design; her artistic process feeds on exploration and examination, streams of spontaneity followed by precision and control. She focuses on relationships between seemingly disparate ideas and is particularly interested in areas where “the estranged” and “the naturalistic” become synonymous. 

Her pieces are object-based contemplations. They crystallize a particular moment in her ever-shifting understanding of how things interconnect. Julian has showcased her work in events, such as Art Fair PH, and has exhibited with galleries and collectives such as Tin-Aw, Signum Contemporary Objects, and Galerie Roberto.

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Mixed Media; wood, thermoplastic, acrylic
5.25 x 5.75 x 6 inches
13.33 x 14.61 x 15.24 cm

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