About the Artist

AADA is a painter and new media artist who mainly focuses on incorporating projected or displayed video onto canvas. AADA also produces other mixed media works that are more illustrative and almost “ink on paper- like” in nature. Working in the field of creatives as a director and storyboard artist, AADA tries to convey storytelling through a subtle manner—augmenting his painting with video and also rendering detailed and intricate patterns that mesh together seamlessly. Since 2012, AADA has been producing artworks in major galleries and art-fairs.

AADA’s subject on painting is a composition of elements that resemble crumpled foil. The refraction of these foils become abstract in texture—bending light and color as if looking at a melted mirror.

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Acrylic and ink on canvas
12 x 12 inches (unframed)
30.5 x 30.5 cm (unframed)

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Spoon & Fork

The Maze

The Vow



Winter Solstice